Kamis, 12 April 2012

1 Adam 12, 1 Adam 12, media fraud in progress! See the president that continues to lie about different tax rates to the American people

President Obama had another photo op with so-called millionaires who want to sell the Buffett rule. 
This continues to be one of President Obama�s biggest lie campaigns and an insult to the intelligence of the American people.  With the help of a willing suck-up media, Obama continues to blatantly lie about different tax rates as treats them as if they were the same.  
It�s dishonest and he should be ashamed for the sake of his two daughters that their father is no different than a sleazy snake oil salesmen.     
L.A. Times President Obama plugged his plan to increase taxes on millionaires yet again Wednesday morning, but this time with a new twist � appearing alongside rich people who support the signature tenet.
The proposal would require that people earning $1 million a year or more pay at least the same tax rate as middle-class families. Obama calls it the �Buffett rule� after billionaire investor Warren Buffett, who has famously complained that he pays a lower rate than does his secretary.
To help make the point, the endorsers showed up with their assistants. Appearing on stage with Obama were Abigail Disney, president of the Daphne Foundation, and her assistant, Celine Justice. Whitney Tilson, managing partner of T2 Partners LLC, appeared with her assistant, Kelli Alires; Google retiree Frank Jernigan joined with his assistant, Teresa Gardiner; and Lawrence Benenson, of Benenson Capital, appeared with his assistant, Carmen Peterson.
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