Senin, 30 April 2012

Sandra Fluke Files: Oklahoma Teacher's aide Tiffany Lynne Huffman jailed for sending nude photos to 16 year-old students

This the latest installment of women behaving badly even though they�re supposedly being besieged against by the GOP. Maybe there really should be a war against women because they�re preying on our children?

Daily Mail reports a teacher's aide has been jailed after sending nude photos of herself to three 16-year-old students.

U.S. marshals arrested Tiffany Lynne Huffman on charges of sexual misbehaviour.

The 28-year-old woman from Oklahoma is alleged to have struck a friendship with the three teenagers through messages on Facebook.

Police said she began having sexual conversations with each victim and eventually sent them nude photos of herself.

She also sent photos of herself in sheer lingerie via text message from her cell phone.

Court documents show that police have obtained the photos, which were sent between March 30 and April 17.

Huffman worked as a teacher's aide at the Southmoore High School, near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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