Sabtu, 21 April 2012

White House is under suspicion in Colombian prostitute scandal: What about Michelle Obama having an affair with a Secret Service agent rumors?

In December there was a published report of an allegation that Michelle Obama was having an affair with a Secret Service agent. The main stream media totally ignored it, of course because it involved a Democrat. Now the Secret Service is involved in a prostitution scandal so I�m wondering if that rumor is gonna get a second look.

Who knows what freaky deeky things are happening at the White House?

Daily Mail reports The prostitution scandal which has devastated the Secret Service could be set to spread to the White House.

A senior Republican has urged the investigation into what happened in Colombia ahead of Barack Obama's trip there to extend to presidential staff who were preparing for his visit.

Senator Charles Grassley's comments came on the day that three more Secret Service agents who had been sent home over the incident resigned from the agency.

Also on Friday, Mr Obama received a personal briefing on the state of the investigation from Mark Sullivan, director of the Secret Service.

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