Senin, 16 April 2012

Video: �Culture of corner-cutting� led to �biggest scandal in Secret Service history�; Update: Five armed service members confined to quarters, too

Hot Air reports did the Secret Service scandal in Colombia leave the President less secure on his trip to the Summit of the Americas? The Secret Service says no, but reporter/author Ronald Kessler disputes that � and wonders why heads haven�t rolled yet at the agency, and not just for this incident. Kessler, who recently wrote a book on the Secret Service and its role in protecting the President, spoke with CBS News this morning to emphasize that this is not an unexpected and inexplicable aberration, but the result of bureaucratic complacency and poor morale at the Secret Service. Heads should have rolled in 2009, Kessler says, when the Salahis infamously crashed a state dinner at the White House

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