Minggu, 29 April 2012

MSNBC is basically Communist Central

The problem is there are some generations of Americans that don�t know what this means because of our Liberal controlled school system.

On a nightly basis, the talking heads for MSMBC advocate for a government-centered society whereby the government dictates what kind of light bulbs we use, the kinds of foods we should eat, and of course the distribution of wealth taken from the successful and given to the slothful.

They actually don�t say these things the way I explained it. They have to use deception by saying oil is dirty energy; the rich aren�t paying their �fair� share and always saying they�re out for the middle class.

But, the reality is these policies that MSNBC cheer for hasn�t worked in countries in the world where they have made it their policy. Look at Greece, Spain, Italy and France. All these countries are government-centered societies and all of them are deeply in the red and on the verge of financial collapse. In the United States, Californian is Democrat controlled-government-centered Nanny State with loads of red ink.

When all this collapses, it won�t be pretty for any us.

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