Minggu, 15 April 2012

David Axelrod�s embarrassing performance on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace: Obama regime out of ideas

This was a pretty pathetic performance by Obama�s campaign manager, David Axelrod.  But, then it occurs to me that it�s impossible to make a horrid presidency sound like the second coming of Abraham Lincoln.  You just look more foolish as Axelrod clearly demonstrates.
The Washington Post reports David Axelrod was shredded this morning by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Wallace kept Axelrod on defense and off balance throughout.
Like his boss, Axelrod seems almost at a loss to respond once the talking points are challenged. But I imagined his invitation to choose �between economy that produces a growing middle class and gives people a chance to get ahead and their kids a chance to get ahead and an economy that continues down the road we are on, and everybody else is running faster and faster just to keep pace,� might just become a Mitt Romney campaign ad. Obviously, the only thing left to do is to scare people that unless we re-elect President Obama we�ll be going back to the bad old days of President George W. Bush.
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It�s over for Obama and everybody knows it except for Liberals. 

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