Jumat, 20 April 2012

CNN Anchor Has Testy Exchange With Allen West Over Communist Remarks: �Name Names�

I always go back to an old say, "When you throw a rock over a fence, it's the hit dog that hollars!"
The Blaze reports Allen West�s comments that there are nearly 80 Communists in the House just won�t go away. And CNN is making sure of that.
CNN anchor Soledad O�Brien, for example, had a testy exchange with West on Thursday morning, confronting him on the remarks and demanding he �name names.�
From the beginning, O�Brien was combative, vehemently disagreeing with Allen West regarding Ted Nugent�s controversial recent comments. Then they turned to West�s own remarks. After playing the clip, O�Brien asked him about it, and West said that Communists have �renamed themselves progressive� but the ideology has stayed the same. Mediaite picks it up from there with a transcript:
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