Jumat, 20 April 2012

Unemployed Keith Olbermann wanders the streets of New York, alone, unwanted, looking like a psych patient im need of meds

Olbermann is getting exactly what he deserves for being an ass all his life!

New York Post reports unemployed, perennially confrontational talking head Keith Olbermann aimlessly wandered around Central Park South earlier this week, seemingly looking for a friend or a purpose.

Our spies snapped unflattering pictures of Olbermann decked out in a giant red pullover and clownishly baggy jeans as he strolled 59th Street near Seventh Avenue, smelling the roses � or, in this case, the horse manure, allergens and aromas from a nearby food cart.

Spies said dejected Olbermann parked himself on CPS and stared into space for several minutes before slinking off by himself.

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