Senin, 30 April 2012

The Philanderer-In-Chief Clinton Teams With Community Organizer-In-Chief Obama to Raise Cash and Votes

Unlike the mainstream media, I believe in giving you the straight deal news. These two are quite a pair considering they hate each others guts.

New York Times reports four years ago, Barack Obama wrested control of the Democratic Party after portraying Bill Clinton as a symbol of small-ball ambition and outdated politics. Now, as president, Mr. Obama is turning to his Democratic predecessor for help as Republicans breathe down his neck.

The 44th president is enlisting the 42nd president, both as a historical validator of his own leadership and as a PIN to one of the richest A.T.M.�s in American politics. Rather than viewing him as a relic of the past, Mr. Obama is embracing Mr. Clinton as a party wise man who can reassure both the general public and the well-heeled benefactors needed to win re-election.

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