Rabu, 04 April 2012

Inside the 'Blackout parties': The massive sex, dance drink-fueled raves that attract students from near and far... and are repeatedly shut down by police

Party on kids!  And remember not to vote on Election Day!

Daily Mail reports they call them 'Blackout parties,' a new breed of wild rave that is spreading across the country and drawing thousands of college students -- from Iowa City, Iowa, to Boston, New York and Portland Maine.

Marketed as raucous sex-fueled dance blowouts, critics say they are also irresponsible magnets for dangerous binge drinking and sexual assault.

Last week, police in Montclair, New Jersey, shut down a Blackout party before it even began after 24 students from nearby Montclair State University had to be rushed to the hospital with alcohol poisoning and a crowd outside the venue grew uncontrollable, ABC News reported.

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