Minggu, 01 April 2012

Irrelevant NAACP-Led Protesters Compare Death Of Trayvon Martin To Jesus Dying On The Cross. Please gimmie a break!!!!

This has now gotten beyond the ridiculous.  Is buying Skittles and Iced Tea for his little brother the same as making the lame walk, or the blind see?  I didn't know Trayvon died for my sins?  Nobody told me.  Do you see how warped and insuting this comparison is?  Chrsit rose from, the dead on the third day.  Trayvon has been dead for over a month and still no resurrection. 

Weasel Zippers reports leaders from the NAACP and other groups led a massive crowd through the streets of Sanford, Florida, today to demand the arrest of George Zimmerman � and deny reports of an economic boycott, the Orlando Sentinel reports. �We want an arrest, shot in the chest,� chanted the crowd, which MSNBC estimated in the thousands. They stopped outside police headquarters for speeches and a benediction comparing Trayvon Martin�s death to that of Jesus Christ.

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I want George Zimmerman arrested and this case settled in a court of law. But, to compare the death of Trayvon Martin to Christ is the kind of rhetoric that ought to send people for a psych evaluation. That kind of hyper talk doesn�t help the cause of justice and makes these people who say it or believe look like idiots.

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