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Romney better educated than Obama with combo Law/MBA degree. Obama education still suspect since transcripts still sealed

Our friends Liberal friends over at Think Progress, they of the phony �advertisers lost�  body count for Rush Limbaugh, tried to point out that Mitt Romney�s law and MBA degree from Harvard shows that he spent a lot of time there.  They failed to realize in their usual dim witted way that Romney academic track was for a special program that graduates students with a combined JD/MBA.  What degree does Obama have?  Supposedly a law degree from Harvard.  But, that hasn�t been officially verified because Obama has strangely kept all his academic records sealed.  Considering his lack of knowledge of the roles of the courts and judicial review, maybe the answer to his ignorance lies in the sealed records? 
I think the case is extremely strong that Mitt Romney has accomplished much more than Barack Obama in the �real world� beyond the academic lounges at Harvard and the University of Chicago.  
Here is Think Progress�s take:
Unfortunately for Romney, his attack is undermined by the fact that the GOP presidential hopeful has twice as many degrees from Harvard as Obama. Romney earned a combined JD/MBA from the elite Cambridge, Massachusetts university. That means Romney spent an extra year at Harvard, getting the combined degree in four years, compared to Obama�s three for the JD alone. Indeed, Romney thrived at Harvard by all accounts.
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Do you see have TP tries to slam Romney when it essence all they�re doing is confirming Romney�s academic superiority over Obama?  
Exactly how much did Obama thrive at Harvard?  We keep hearing how brilliant he was and Laurence Tribe said that Obama was one of his best students.  But, it�s all a lot of smoke and mirrors because his grades have never been published.  Why is that?  Why doesn't Think Progress call for the release of Obama's transcripts?
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