Rabu, 04 April 2012

Was anybody impeached after a 1973 SCOTUS decision that has led the death of 50 million unborn babies?

I didn�t think so!  Yet a flaming Liberal law professor wrote a piece in the Daily Beast today suggesting that if ObamaCare is struck down as unconstitutional by the Roberts court, they should be impeached.  
How ironic that the Burger court in the Roe vs Wade decision found a right of privacy that does not exist anywhere in the Constitution and thus allowed for the slaughter of millions without an impeachment issued, but if the Roberts court rightly decides that it�s unconstitutional for the Federal government force private citizens to buy a product, it becomes an impeachable offense?
Seems to me that the writer of this article is living in the wrong country. He should try moving to Venezuela and carry the water for Hugo Chavez.       
The Daily Beast reports the Roberts Court�s rulings appear to be a concerted effort to send us back to the Gilded Age. If they dump the Affordable Care Act, writes David Dow, we should dump them.
Jefferson believed Supreme Court justices who undermine the principles of the Constitution ought to be impeached, and that wasn�t just idle talk. During his presidency, Jefferson led the effort to oust Justice Samuel Chase, arguing that Chase was improperly seizing power. The Senate acquitted Chase in 1805, and no Justice has been impeached since, but as the Supreme Court threatens to nullify the health-care law, Jefferson�s idea is worth revisiting.
The problem with the current court is not merely that there is a good chance it will strike down a clearly constitutional law. The problem is that this decision would be the latest salvo in what seems to be a sustained effort on the part of the Roberts Court to return the country to the Gilded Age.
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Following the law can never lead to impeachment, Liberal mentality notwithstanding.  This still is America.    

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