Selasa, 27 Maret 2012

69% in new NYT/CBS poll say U.S. should not be fighting in Afghanistan

But I thought this was Obama�s war?

Hot Air reports A new high since they started asking this question in 2009. That�s noteworthy but not surprising given the gruesome Rasmussen poll Ed blogged a week ago. How much of it is driven by a reaction to the massacre on March 11 allegedly carried out by Robert Bales and how much is a reaction to the Koran-burning riots and fragging of U.S. troops by Afghan �partners� before that? No way to tell, but for a clue, revisit this ABC poll conducted from March 7 to 10 and published on the very day that Bales is said to have gone on a rampage. Even before his actions, 60 percent of adults said the war hasn�t been worth fighting and 54 percent said the U.S. should pull out whether or not it�s done training the Afghan army. This is a long time coming, but the riots and aftermath were obviously a heavy nudge.
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