Minggu, 18 Maret 2012

See Video:Stunning ex PENTHOUSE Hollywood bikini model Simone Farrow who became 'head of global drugs ring' arrested in Australia after month on run from DEA

This criminal comes in a very attractive package.

Daily Mail reports a fugitive international swimsuit model accused of being the head of a global drugs ring has been arrested.

Former men's magazine pin-up Simone Farrow was found hiding out in a cheap motel on Queensland�s Gold Coast. She is expected to appear in court this week after being extradited from to Sydney.

Farrow, 37, is accused of trafficking the drug meths in bags of bath salts from a posh apartment in Hollywood and police claim she has at least 19 aliases.
She has been on the run for a month, fleeing $160,000 bail, which she claims was because �someone was trying to murder me�.

Court documents reveal an extraordinary alleged life of crime behind the glamour of the modelling world which had set up blonde Farrow, voted one of FHM magazine's �sexiest women in the world�, for a jet-setting life of luxury.

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I wonder if the DEA argued over who would throw the cuffs on her?

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