Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

Stephen Colbert super PAC fundraising takes a hit

I think audience enthusiasm is down. Leftists aren�t really jazzed about hope and change anymore.

Politico reports if fundraising tallies are any indication, Stephen Colbert�s super PAC gag may be getting old.

The committee set up by the satirist to poke fun at campaign finance rules raised slightly more than $33,000 last month, according to a Thursday night filing with the Federal Election Commission.

That�s a sharp drop off from January, when the super PAC raised $219,000, or the second half of last year, when it pulled in $825,000.

Still, the super PAC, which is technically known as Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Inc., spent only $17,000 in February, mostly on media consulting, leaving nearly $780,000 in the bank.

That�s plenty of cash for the faux pundit to use to make mischief through joke ads as the presidential campaign progresses.

Colbert started his super PAC as part of an ongoing gag on his late-night Comedy Central show highlighting the impact of a pair of 2010 federal court rulings that led to the creation of super PACs and allowed them to accept unlimited contributions from corporations, unions and individuals.

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Maybe Colbert can lend money to Obama�s Super Pac, they�re hurting too.

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