Kamis, 29 Maret 2012

Newly released video shows George Zimmerman DID NOT have blood bruises the night he shot Trayvon Martin!

This is an explosive piece of evidence that severely contradicts George Zimmerman�s account that he got a broken nose and bruises from scuffling with 17 year old Trayvon Martin.  I think this boosts the prior story that Sanford police originally wanted to charged Zimmerman with manslaughter.   

The Huffington Post report5s newly released video of George Zimmerman at the Sanford Police Department the night he shot Trayvon Martin to death show the neighborhood watch volunteer without blood on his clothing or bruises on his face or head. His clean-shaven picture seems to contrast with the violent beating he told police he endured at the hands of Martin, 17, who Zimmerman said attacked him from behind.
The video, obtained by ABC News, appears inconsistent with Zimmerman�s recently leaked statement to police that he was in a death struggle with Martin before Zimmerman shot him in the chest in self-defense. Zimmerman told investigators that Martin jumped him from behind, punched him in the nose and pounded his head into a sidewalk, according to a police report first described by the Orlando Sentinal.
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This new information changes everything and makes a good argument that Zimmerman should have been arrested so that all evidence be hashed out in court. 

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