Minggu, 25 Maret 2012

Democrats are co-opting Trayvon Martin�s death to benefit President Obama�s re-election bid

You knew it was gonna happen!

There�s definitely a subtext in play by operatives of the Democrat Party to keep the fervor and outrage over Trayvon Martin�s death going in order to transfer all that energy to votes for Barack Obama.

On Friday afternoon Michael Baisden, an African American radio host for KISS 98.7 in New York City during a conversation discussing the tragic death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin suddenly said, ��and this is why we gotta keep this man [Obama] in office.�

There�s absolutely no connection between what happened in Sanford Florida and President Obama but Democrats like Karen Finney see a political opportunity:

The New Black Panther Party who got favorable treatment by Obama�s Justice Dept over a voter intimidation case is getting into the act:

The reality is an overwhelming majority of African Americans are shot dead by other African Americans. But in keeping with past Democrat tactics a new false template is being created that Black teens are being shot dead around the country by Whites.

Just last week in Chicago on St. Patrick�s Day, 49 people were shot, almost a dozen killed, and it wasn�t a national news story because it was Black on Black crime and that doesn�t help the Democrat Party template.

Trayvon Martin�s death was a tragedy that most people in this country regardless of their racial group can agree is an injustice that needs to be made right. But, for those in the Democrat Party that live to divide and conquer to keep power, they think very differently.

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