Rabu, 28 Maret 2012

Former Black Panther/Rep (south side of Chicago) Bobby Rush defies House rules by wearing a Hoodie on the House Floor

And the Oscar goes to�.
In one of the greatest demonstrations of political grandstanding in recent memory, congressman Bobby Rush who represents one of the most violent congressional districts in the United States where Black on Black shootings is as common and predictable as the sun coming up in the morning, brazenly flouted House rules by defiantly removing his jacket, and donning a Hoodie and dark sunglasses while reading a prepared speech in support of Trayvon Martin.

The Hill reports Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) on Wednesday morning was asked to leave the House floor after removing his suit jacket to reveal a �hoodie,� then putting the hood over his head to protest the Trayvon Martin killing in Florida.

�Racial profiling has to stop,� Rush said. �Just because someone wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum.� Rush also donned sunglasses.

The Illinois Democrat quoted the Bible while presiding officer Rep. Gregg Harper (R-Miss.) repeatedly interrupted him, then asked the sergeant at arms to enforce the House prohibition on hats in the chamber.

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This is another example of Democrat political misdirection to cast blame on others for the killing of their own by their own.

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