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Victory for Wisc Gov. Scott Walker: Federal judge upholds constitutionality of his restricting collective bargaining

Go Scotty Go!!!
These days of public sector unions holding the state of Wisconsin hostage are coming to an end thanks to the courage of Gov Scott Walker.  Taxpayers�, who are the ones who pay the salaries for PSUs, have every right to control costs.  The unholy alliance between PSUs and the Democrat Party are bleeding states like my New York, California, Michigan and Illinois dry and on the brink of bankruptcy.  
What do all these states have in common?
They�re all one party controlled states and that party starts with a �D�!  
Host Madison reports a federal judge on Friday upheld most of Gov. Scott Walker's controversial collective bargaining law, but struck down key parts of it by ruling that the state cannot prevent public employee unions from collecting voluntary dues through payroll deductions and cannot require they recertify annually.
The collective bargaining law, also known as Act 10, established a system in which most of the public unions were required to have an "absolute" majority of their members vote every year to recertify � a standard higher than traditionally used. The law also took away some unions' rights to collect mandatory dues and prevented unions from deducting voluntary dues directly out of employee paychecks.
The measure did, however, exempt almost all public safety unions, such as police and firefighters. This difference led the court on Friday to rule that the state did not have the right to pick and choose among public unions.
"So long as the state of Wisconsin continues to afford ordinary certification and dues deductions to mandatory public safety unions with sweeping bargaining rights, there is no rational basis to deny those rights to voluntary general unions with severely restricted bargaining rights," the order read. (Read the full ruling here)
Walker considered Friday's ruling something of a victory. Cullen Werwie, Walker's spokesman, said the administration was still trying to figure out what the ruling meant in terms of increased costs to the state and enforcement, but felt the judge affirmed the constitutionality of nearly everything in Act 10.
"We are confident that the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals will continue to uphold the constitutionality of the law," he said.
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The gravy train is over!  Taxpayers� are rising up and saying, �Enough!�  And by the way, after Mitt Romney serves his two terms in office, guess who the next president is? 
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