Minggu, 18 Maret 2012

You wanna fix the GOP, less John McCain, more Jason Materra

The time has come to let old warriors like John McCain and others of his ilk take a back seat and let some young GOP Zealots like Jason Mattera, author of Hollywood Hypercritics, take a more prominent role in what the 21st century GOP should be.

What Jason Mattera preaches is that 21st century conservatives needs to be more active in taking back �Pop Culture� and in doing so take back the country. For far too long conservatives have shrugged their shoulders at what Pop Culture has become without making an effort to change it. Jason doesn�t believe that and is willing to put Liberals on the defensive with his ambush interviews to highlight Liberals shortcomings and look cool doing it. I believe Jason is on to something and we need hundreds of other Jason Metteras� going on offensive.

It�s time to take Pop Culture back!

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