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The Left in Fetal Position: Mandate could be in big trouble after Supreme Court arguements

I�m not confident that ObamaCare is gonna be struck down. It�s way too early to predict either way. But, one thing I do know, if this law is upheld, this country fundamentally changes into a soft totalitarian form of government. Individual liberty would be gone for good because the Federal government would have the power to impose any mandate it wants.

This is extremely horrifying!

Politico reports before Tuesday, most legal analysts seemed to agree that the Supreme Court would probably uphold health care reform�s individual mandate � even if the conservative justices had to hold their noses to do it.

Just minutes into the oral argument Tuesday, that conventional wisdom fell apart.

All of the conservative justices asked such tough questions about the individual mandate during Tuesday�s arguments that it�s no longer clear that the Obama administration can get a fifth vote to uphold it.

Even Justice Anthony Kennedy � the swing vote everyone was watching � signaled that he has serious doubts about the mandate. That became clear early in the session, when he asked Solicitor General Donald Verrilli Jr. if the government could require purchase of certain food.

�Here the government is saying the federal government has a duty to tell citizens it must act,� Kennedy said. That changes the relationship between the government and the person �in a fundamental way.�

And even though Chief Justice John Roberts seemed to agree with the government that all people will consume health care at some point in their lives, he worried that the health care law would open the door to many other mandates.

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