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UPDATE: Transgender beauty queen Jenna Talackova who was born male is allowed to compete in Miss Universe Cannada

Let the freak show begin!
Daily Mail reports a beauty pageant has booted a contestant out the competition after discovering the buxom blonde was born a boy.

The Miss Universe Canada organizers threw out Jenna Talackova when they found out she had undergone surgery to become a woman.

The transgendered contestant had already successfully reached the finals in the Miss Vancouver pageant before she was banned from continuing in the competition.

Although the pageant organizers described Talackova as a �real girl� they disqualified her arguing that the rules state that each contestant must be a �naturally born female.�

According to Denis Davila, the national director of Miss Universe Canada, Talackova claimed on her registration form she was born a female.
But becoming suspicious Davila confronted the 23-year-old about her sex change and the contestant admitted she was actually born a male.

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Every time one of these stories comes down the pike, I always say the same. Changing one�s sex is one of the most grieves sins a person can commit. It�s really bad news and an affront to God Almighty.

UPDATE 4-2-12

I think this is ridiculous!

Transgender beauty queen allowed to compete in Donald Trump's Miss Universe Canada

Daily Mail reports the beauty queen who was born a boy won't be kicked out of the Miss Universe Canada competition after all.

Jenna Talackova, 23, was thrown out of the pageant, founded by Donald Trump, when organisers found out she had undergone surgery to become a woman.

Officials denied charges of discrimination and said the reason why a male-to-female transgender contestant could not compete was because Miss Talackova lied on her application form.

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