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Rowan Williams defends Christianity against 'dim-witted prejudice' as new crisis looms

I�m struck at the same kind of war against religion by secularists in the United Kingdom like have in America.

UK Telegraph reports but his resignation comes after he accepted a likely defeat in his efforts to prevent schism in the Church.

Hours before his announcement he admitted to a group of senior clerics that the initiative is likely to collapse and spoke of his sense of �foreboding�.

He announced he would step down as leader of 77 million Anglicans early, ahead of a series of votes in dioceses which would spell the end of the unity pact on which he staked his credibility.

He acknowledged his decade-long tenure had been marked by �crisis management�. But he issued a robust defence of Christians, insisting that the faith was far from losing a �battle against secularisation� and spoke with passion about the Church of England as a �treasure� which remains a place of �inspiration� for the nation.

His comments came after weeks dominated by a public debate over the role of the church in national life, including a High Court ban on council prayers, the row over gay marriage and the controversy over the wearing of crosses.

He insisted that Christianity was not losing a �battle against secularisation� but said that society was increasingly �tone-deaf� about religion.
He said: �I think there�s a great deal of interest still in the Christian faith and although I think there is also a lot of ignorance and rather dim-witted prejudice about the visible manifestations of Christianity which sometimes clouds the discussion.
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