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Distraught Boston family carried screaming from court after release of alleged killers who gunned down 4 relatives including baby

I don�t know what went down in this trial in Boston. But, I was struck with the agony on the faces of this family after not getting the justice they wanted.

Daily Mail these were the distraught courtroom scenes as a family collapsed after finding out men on trial for the murders of four family members - including a baby - were to be released.

Alleged shooter Edward Washington, 32, was acquitted by the jury today. A mistrial was declared against Dwayne Moore, 34, who also faced murder charges.
The pair were accused of breaking into the home of Simba Martin, 21, robbing and then shooting him execution-style in Mattapan, Boston.

Martin's girlfriend Eyanna Flonor, 21 and her two-year-old son Amanihotep Smith were also killed along with 22-year-old Levaughn Washum-Garrison who was staying at the home.
Some of the victims were apparently dragged into the street naked before being shot.

Miss Flonory's sister Ebony began to scream as the verdict was read out and leapt forward to attack the alleged shooters before being restrained by court staff and removed.

Several others followed and erupted in emotion in the hallway. Others in court buried their heads in their hands and wept.

Outside the courthouse, a whole group of the victims' relatives pounced on the defense lawyers who were being interviewed, calling out that justice had not been served.

There were cries of 'How can you defend a murderer?' and 'Baby killer! Baby killer!' according to Boston.com.

Delorise Flonory, mother of Eyanna Flonory added: 'I feel like I was raped.'

Ebony Flonory said the defendants 'deserve to die. They should be marched out of the courtroom and have a gun put to their head' according to Boston.com.

Another victim who was at the home during the time of the multiple shootings, Marcus Hurd, was shot in the head and is now paralyzed.

Despite testifying at trial, he was unable to identify his attackers.

Washington was cleared of murder and related charges. The judge declared a mistrial over Moore after the jury deadlocked on charges against him, including murder.

The jury had deliberated for seven days after hearing a month of testimony about the September 2010 slayings, which prosecutors said happened during a drug robbery in the Mattapan neighborhood.

Defense lawyers challenged the credibility of the prosecution's key witness, Kimani Washington, who admitted taking part in the robbery but said he left before the shootings.

Justice lost?  But, the pain on the faces of this family is the story as far as I'm concerned. 

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