Kamis, 15 Maret 2012

BUMPED: Buzz Feed posts sloppily edited video of Mitt Romney on Fox and calls it a bad interview

Just when I was about to have some respect for Buzz Feed, they pull this �amateur league� stunt of showing a choppy video of Mitt Romney giving answers to questions without airing the whole interview in it�s entirety.

This is what Buzz Feed wrote in their post:

�When Mitt Romney sits down with a Fox News anchor, things can get hairy.

That fact was on full display Wednesday when the candidate went on Megyn Kelly's show for what ended up being several uncomfortable minutes of testy, sputtering responses to unusually combative questions.�

More here

Here�s the video:

I have some problems with Romney. However, I don�t dislike him as much as other conservatives. But, Buzz Feed really should be ashamed on this one. It�s bogus smear pure and simple.

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