Sabtu, 17 Maret 2012

911 audio: Was a black teen Trayvon Martin executed by a Latino neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman in Florida gated community?

I don�t know the details. But, my guts tells me that this teen was executed.

Daily Mail reports:

� Trayvon Martin,17, was shot dead by George Zimmerman, 28, last month, who claims the killing was self defense and has not been charged
� Police finally gave into mounting pressure on Friday and released eight 911 calls
� The teen's family say the calls show Zimmerman was the 'aggressor'

The police have finally released the 911 calls made in relation to the killing of an unarmed black teenager who was shot by a white neighborhood watch captain.

George Zimmerman, 28, had called 911 to report a suspicious man and can be heard pursuing Trayvon Martin, 17, on foot against the dispatcher's advice causing the teen to run away.

Moments later the police are bombarded with calls from terrified neighbors as a voice in the background can be heard desperately screaming for help before the sound of two gun shots.

When police arrived at Florida's Retreat at Twin Lakes Townhomes they found Trayvon, who had been returning from a store with candy for his younger brother, had been shot dead by Zimmerman.

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