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Headline hungry New York Jets trade for Tim Tebow Mark Sanchez job in jeopardy.

Don�t pay attention to what Jets officials may say. This boneheaded splashy move is all about grabbing some attention for a team sharing a stadium with the Super Bowl Giants.

The Sporting News reports Tim Tebow's trade to the New York Jets for two picks in the 2012 NFL Draft is official after a day full of drama.

The deal is as it was originally constructed with the Jets acquiring Tebow and a seventh-round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft from the Broncos and in exchange the Broncos receive a fourth and sixth-round pick from the Jets.

"I'm thankful they stuck with me through this whole crazy process," Tebow said on a conference call on Wednesday night.

The deal will surely bring questions about how secure quarterback Mark Sanchez's job really is, in light of his recent contract extension. General manager Mike Tannenbaum attempted to put that to rest quickly on a conference call talking about the trade.

"Mark Sanchez is, has been and will be our starting quarterback," Tannenbaum said.

Tebow said that he talked to Sanchez and had a "great conversation" on Wednesday with the Jets' starter of the past three years.

"My goal is to push him to get better, and to push myself to get better every day," Tebow said. "but I think we'll have a great working relationship. We'll have a great relationship off the field, and we've had that the last few years. He's such a classy guy and handles himself so well, and I'll be very honored to call him my teammate."

The Broncos were nothing but complimentary of Tebow.

"Our goal was to do the best thing for Tim and the Broncos and I believe that opportunity that presented itself with the New York Jets accomplishes that objective," Executive Vice President of Football Operations John Elway said in statement. "Tim made a lot of strides last year and has a very promising career ahead of him. If anyone is willing to put the work in to be great, it's Tim Tebow."

In addition, the Jets will pay half of the $5.1 million in compensation owed to Denver for Tebow's contract advance, according to multiple reports.

This was after the advance in Tebow's contract nearly blew up the trade completely.

As part of Tebow's $11.25 million, five-year contract he signed as a rookie in 2010, he had a $6.277 million advance due 29 days after the start of the 2011 league year. That money was paid to him in August after the NFL lockout ended. The trade hit the hang-up when the Jets apparently balked at repaying the Broncos more than $5 million for the 2012-14 seasons from that advance, according to ESPN

Both sides worked through the deal, despite the presence of the Jacksonville Jaguars, who got back in on the talks, according to multiple reports.

"We knew what the contract was," Tannenbaum said. "We had read it... We felt it was one way; they felt it was another. Based on that, they were well within their rights to assess their different possibilities of what to do and their alternatives. And they did so throughout the day."

New Jaguars owner Shad Khan addressed his team's interest in Tebow on Wednesday night in a statement posted on the Jaguars' website.

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The Jets have severely undermined their young QB in Mark Sanchez. Everybody may be saying the right things publically, but the New York Jets are a Zoo of malcontent players. Throw Tebow into that mix and things may explode.

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