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Blame him: Mary Kennedy driven to suicide because Robert Kennedy Jr. was a jerk, feared losing children

If a man in New Jersey was put on trial after videotaping a sexual encounter of his Gay roommate that caused him to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge, why couldn�t RFK Jr. being charged for driving his own wife to suicide for being a philandering Kennedy?

Daily Mail:

� Mary Kennedy discovered at Mount Kisco property, Westchester County
� Cause of death confirmed to be asphyxiation by hanging
� Mother-of-four - eldest child is 17 and youngest just 11
� Funeral 'arranged for Saturday in local church'
� Mrs Kennedy, 52, had fought drug and alcohol problems
� 'She seemed lost, alone and sort of out of it' said neighbour
� Robert Kennedy returned to family estate last night
� He has been living in Los Angeles and dating TV star Cheryl Hines

The ex-wife of Robert Kennedy Jr., who was found hanged in a barn on Wednesday, had been distressed that she would lose custody of her four children to her ex-husband in their divorce battle.

A housekeeper found the body of Mary Richardson Kennedy, 52, after she had committed suicide at the family's Mount Kisco estate in Westchester County, New York.

After news of her death spread, friends and neighbors laid bare the torment of Mrs Kennedy.

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