Jumat, 11 Mei 2012

Desperate Lib media trying to paint Mitt Romney as a �Crazed Bully� for an incident that happened 47 years ago

It doesn�t matter what Mitt Romney has accomplished in his very successful life. According to the Obama-Suck Up media he needs to be judged on what he did when he was a teenager in high school.

This is the same journalism that allows President Obama to keep his college transcripts sealed from the world without one complaint. How pathetic is that?

Daily Mail reports one of Mitt Romney's high school classmates says that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was 'evil' in his younger years, and acted like he was a schoolboy gone mad 'like Lord Of The Flies'.

The Romney camp was reeling after the revelations that he forcibly shaved the head of a high school classmate who was regularly taunted for being gay.

The former governor of Massachusetts grabbed tearful John Lauber and hacked away with a pair of scissors because he thought his bleached blond hair was �wrong�.

Mr Romney also supposedly mocked another student who was a closeted gay by shouting �Atta girl!� when he tried to speak in class.

Now, in damage control mode, Mr Romney's campaign staff have contacted a number of the candidate's former classmates to try to get them to speak out publicly on his behalf.
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I think this incident paints Romney in a better light.   But, that's me. 

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