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North Carolina teacher Tanya Dixon-Neeley suspended after saying student could be arrested for Obama criticism

I�ve been searching the �net for a photo of this very stupid teacher that needs to find another job because she�s too ignorant to teach anything let alone social studies. Her photo will turn up sooner or later.

MY Fox reports a North Carolina high school teacher who told a student he could be arrested for criticizing President Barack Obama was suspended Monday.

The Salisbury Post reported that social studies teacher Tanya Dixon-Neely was suspended with pay from North Rowan High School in Spencer, N.C., as officials investigated a YouTube video in which she can be heard shouting at a student who questioned Obama.

"Do you realize that people were arrested for saying things bad about Bush?" Dixon-Neely said in the nearly 10-minute video that was shot by another student. Toward the end of the argument, she said, "You are not supposed to slander the president."

The student told the teacher that a person cannot be arrested "unless you threaten the president."

The argument began when the classroom began discussing news reports that likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney bullied a fellow student when he was in high school.

"Didn't Obama bully somebody though?" a student in the classroom asked, referring to an incident Obama described in his memoir "Dreams from My Father."

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By the way, this teacher is a typical Obama supporter.  They're not the brightest people. 

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