Senin, 21 Mei 2012

Hidden Video reveals Ignorant North Carolina TeacherTanya Dixon-Neeley blast students for criticizing Obama-Says It�s a �Criminal Offense�

This video is well worth a listen and hear an African American teacher that has no business in the classroom because she�s an idiot.  This is the kind of teachers we have in our classrooms teaching our kids?
Gateway Pundit reports teachers are supposed to be smarter than their students.  But, that�s not the case with a North Carolina high school Social Studies teacher, Tanya Dixon-Neeley.  After bringing up an unconfirmed claim that Mitt Romney supposedly bullied a fellow classmate in the past, one of her students mentioned, in the form of a question, that Obama admitted to bullying a classmate in his past, too.  The teacher became unhinged and started yelling.  Her force of law to shut him down was to tell the class that it was a �criminal offense� to slander the president.  The high school student�s response was to give the teacher a quick lesson on the First Amendment, saying �They cannot take away your right to have your opinion.  They can�t take that away unless you threaten the president.�
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This woman  and others that are as ignorant as she is needs to be removed from the teaching ranks immediately. 

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