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Think Progress out to destroy African American Corey Booker: Uncovers Bain gave half million dollars to Corey Booker�s 2002 Newark mayor run

It doesn�t matter that Corey Booker is a star in the Democrat Party.  It doesn�t matter that he�s an African American.  He told an inconvenient truth and the Obama Regime and their minions in the media decided he needed to be discredited to protect their investment in President Obama.   

Think Progress reports yesterday, Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker (D) attacked the Obama campaign for making an issue of Mitt Romney�s tenure at Bain Capital during an appearance on Meet the Press. While the progressive leader later backed off the criticisms, Republicans have been quick to highlight his comments as an attack against the idea that scrutiny of Mitt Romney�s record as a businessman is fair game.
A ThinkProgress examination of New Jersey campaign finance records for Booker�s first run for Mayor � back in 2002 � suggests a possible reason for his unease with attacks on Bain Capital and venture capital. They were among his earliest and most generous backers.
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Here�s Chris Matthews attacking the brother, Corey Booker
Video (h/t) The Right Scoop
I�ve been saying for years to my brothers and sisters in the �hood.  The Democrat Party doesn�t love you, they love your votes.  There�s a difference.   Corey Booker's career and any thought about being Gov. of New Jersey is over!   That's how the Dems do the brother. 

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