Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

Mitt Romney waking on thin ice by emulating McCain fiasco

Warning Memo to Mitt Romney

From: Conservatives

Subject: Don�t make the same stupid mistake as John McCain made by refusing to get tough with Obama like you did with other Republicans

The Romney campaign is making a huge mistake if it refuses to engage President Obama with the same vigor they used against other Republicans who sought the GOP nod. That means not being afraid to attack or vet the president like he should have been vetted in 2008.

For example calling on Obama to finally release ALL his college records is totally fair game for the American people to examine. Jeremiah Wright and his impact on Barack Obama is still unknown to millions. Barack Obama�s drug use has never been fully investigated. It doesn�t have to be the whole campaign, but it needs to be part of it. It behooves the Romney camp to leave all options of attack on the table including getting rid of any former McCain advisors. They�re not worth a wad of spit in the long run.
Do not take this memorandum lightly if you want to be the next president!

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