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Sandra Fluke Files: Teacher Michelle Kazmierczak 'sent naked photos of herself to daughter's boyfriend, 14...whose father then tried to blackmail her with them'

This is a new twist to SFF. Bad enough a grown woman is sending topless pics to a minor. Bad behavior invites bad consequences.

Daily Mail reports a teacher who sent topless photos of herself to her daughter's teenage boyfriend ended up the victim of an alleged blackmail plot by the boy's father.

Michelle Kazmierczak sent the photos showing herself topless and posing in a bra to the 14-year-old boy.

But when the teen's father Tyrone Price saw the photos he contacted the 46-year-old middle school teacher.

Prince is alleged to have demanded money, jewelry and an X-box video console to keep silent about the racy photos.

Kazmierczak went to police to tell them about the alleged blackmail - and had to admit to sending out the topless photos to the underage student.

Police in Columbia, Ohio, charged Price, 38, with two counts of extortion.

Kazmierczak faces a charge of sending material that could be harmful to a minor and could be jailed for up to six months.

Investigators in Lorain County said Kazmierracczak's daughter was dating a boy from the eighth grade at her school.

He is alleged to have made comments comparing Kazmierczak to her daughter and prompting the teacher to forward first photos of herself in a bra and later of herself topless.

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