Jumat, 11 Mei 2012

MSNBC�s very unprofessional Tamron Hall bullies guest Tim Carney in discussing Mitt Romney�s bogus 50 year old high school prank

This is the cable station with thrills going up their legs (Chris Matthews) and certified tax cheat and race hustler (Al Sharpton.  Is it a great surprise that the channel that loves Obama to death would not allow a guest to finish their sentence?  
Look how the Huffington Post describes the kind of bullying Libs approve of.  
The Huffington Post reports MSNBC's Tamron Hall handily shut down guest Tim Carney on Friday, in an exchange so fiery that she immediately began trending on Twitter.
Hall asked Carney about Mitt Romney's testy reaction to a reporter asking about marijuana on Thursday. Before addressing the question, he alleged that she and the rest of the media were focusing too much attention on the candidate's past -- including his bullying of two classmates in high
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Stuff like this explains why MSNBC�s has low amount of viewers. 

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