Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

Non-white births outnumber white births for the first time in US

No doubt the Democrat Party is licking their lips about this. However, Conservatism will win with them too because Liberalism doesn�t work. Ask any California Gov. Jerry Brown.

UK Telegraph reports White births in the United States are no longer in the majority, according to new data from the US Census Bureau, as a rising Hispanic population produces an historic demographic shift.

Minority races � Hispanics, blacks and Asians and other mixed races � accounted for 50.4 per cent of births over the year to July, accounting for a majority for the first time in US history.

The demographic milestone had been expected for years in a country founded by European whites and that early on relied heavily on the work of enslaved African populations, then went through a civil war and civil rights battle over issues of race.

In recent years, the growth of Hispanic populations immigrating from Latin America has hastened a decline in the majority status of white births, the census data suggested.

"This is an important landmark," said Roderick Harrison, a former chief of racial statistics at the Census Bureau who is now a sociologist at Howard University. "This generation is growing up much more accustomed to diversity than its elders."

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