Sabtu, 12 Mei 2012

Evangelicals: Mitt Romney hit right note

I think it was very shrewd for Romney to mention Rick Santorum in his speech today at Liberty University.  It appears Evangelicals are warming up to Romney a lot faster since President Obama decide to support Gay Marriage.   

Politico reports evangelical leaders praised Mitt Romney�s speech today at Liberty University, saying that the Mormon candidate was right to acknowledge his religious differences with other Christian voters.
�It was an acknowledgment that the issues that social conservatives and evangelicals care about are important issues to Gov. Romney and as he sees them [as] part of a successful economic platform for the country,� said Family Research Council President Tony Perkins.
Perkins added that there wasn�t anything the presumptive GOP presidential nominee � who many evangelical voters regarded with skepticism during the primary while backing Rick Santorum � should have done differently. And he pointed to the huge opportunity created for Romney by President Barack Obama�s endorsement of same-sex marriage this week (Romney opposes gay marriage).
�I think he touched on the key issues that are important to social conservatives. He mentioned Rick Santorum and Rick�s emphasis and the need to have the family and the ties to economic success.�
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