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Obama�s New anti-Mitt ad backfires big time: Romney was at Bain during period ad cites.

Although President Obama is raking in funny money from the LGBT community, it seems his campaign can�t get its facts straight in putting out a really lame attack ad on Mitt Romney.

New York Post reports President Obama yesterday debuted a campaign ad that called Mitt Romney a �vampire� for allegedly savaging companies with his private-equity firm Bain Capital � but it quickly came back to bite him.

The two-minute ad says Romney�s firm took over GST Steel in Kansas City, pocketed profits, ran up debt, declared bankruptcy and fired all 750 workers.

�It was like a vampire,� former steelworker Jack Cobb says in the ad. �They came in and sucked the life out of us.�

But the attack even got bad reviews from Obama�s car czar, Steve Rattner, who ordered widespread dealership closures for Obama�s auto bailouts.

The ad is unfair,� he said on MSNBC, adding that the campaign shouldn�t politicize those types of job losses.

�Unfortunately, this is part of capitalism. This is part of life,� he said. �And I don�t think there is anything Bain Capital did that they need to be embarrassed about.�

The spot ignores that Romney stopped running Bain in 1999 to go save the Salt Lake City Olympics, two years before the 2001 bankruptcy.

The GST mill also went under as the entire US steel industry drowned in a flood of cheap imports.

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Did Obama ever take an economics course in his life? Oh, I forgot we can never know since all his college records are sealed.

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