Senin, 14 Mei 2012

Obama�s New Attack ad on Mitt Romney laughably tries to paint him as Gordon Gecco-type. Is this all Obama got?

If President Obama thinks this ad is gonna crush Mitt Romney�s chances of becoming president, then Barack might as well book a one way flight on Air Force One to Chicago next January 20th right now.
Politico reports the Obama campaign's 2-minute ad on Mitt Romney's Bain Capital is record is out, and it is brutal.

Targeting Romney's involvement in the acquistion of GST Steel, the commercial shows workers at a shuttered plant pinning Romney and Bain with the blame.

�They made as much money off it as they could and they closed it down, they filed for bankruptcy, without any concern for the families or the communities,� says Joe Soptic, a former steelworker. �It was like watching an old friend bleed to death.�

Very weak, Barack!

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