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Rev. Jesse Jackson alleged doing the nasty with Lib Atty/Fox Pundit Tamara Holder says Gay ex-PUSH worker Tommy R. Bennett

I reported on Mr. Bennett suing Jesse Jackson over a year ago and the media of course kept it hush hush. Jackson will never lose his seat at the Democrat table because he serves a useful purpose for the party along with Al Pay no Taxes� Sharpton. And that�s to keep Black folks in-line on the Democrat plantation. Jackson or Sharpton could sleep with children and nothing would happen to them, ever!

Accuracy in Media reports Tamara Holder, a Fox News contributor, is accused of having an affair with Jesse Jackson, Sr. in a lawsuit that alleges the illegal use of a gay Jackson employee to facilitate the relationship.

The accuser, Tommy R. Bennett, was Jackson�s personal travel assistant and ran the legal clinic at Jackson�s organization, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. He says he was eventually fired for protesting his treatment by Jackson and other PUSH employees and is seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

Holder has not responded to repeated requests for comment from Accuracy in Media, but Jackson�s press representative, Lauren Love, says the allegations are false and will be proven so.

Bennett attorney Thomas V. Leverso says that Jackson and PUSH have been stonewalling a legal response for many months but that investigations and the case are moving forward. Leverso tells Accuracy in Media that witnesses have come forward to verify the allegations against Jackson.

Jackson, a minister and Democratic politician who served as an aide to Martin Luther King, Jr., suffered a major embarrassment in 2010 when he admitted to an extramarital affair that produced an illegitimate child.

Bennett worked for Jackson for more than two years and was known as �Aruba Tommy� on local Chicago radio station WVON. The lawsuit alleges that Bennett was subjected to �humiliating tasks� because he was a homosexual, such as �escorting women to his [Jackson�s] hotel room� and then being ordered to clean up after Jackson had sexual intercourse with them.

One of those women, the suit claims, was Tamara Holder, a pundit and criminal defense attorney who claims she �single-handedly� founded what she calls �a pro bono legal clinic at Rev. Jesse L. Jackson�s Rainbow PUSH Coalition.� A self-described Democrat, she appears regularly on Fox News to defend the Obama Administration and other prominent Democrats.

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