Kamis, 10 Mei 2012

Sandra Fluke Files: Houston Substitute teacher, TifannyMichelle Amos, 25, 'sent naked photos to student, 16, then had sex with him on his 17th birthday'

Yes, a week doesn�t go by without some woman abusing a minor. Yet we�re told that somebody else is waging a war on women. I think women are waging a sex abuse war on children and aren�t being called out on it.

Daily Mail reports a substitute teacher sent one of her student�s nude pictures and had sex with him on his 17th birthday, it has been alleged.

Tiffany Michelle Amos, 25, was a substitute teacher at Westfield High School in Houston, allegedly knew that the boy was underage.

She even had his birthdate � a date in March, 1995 � stored in her phone.

Amos allegedly sent the student nude pictures of herself.

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