Kamis, 08 Maret 2012

Believe it or not this Top underwear model Ananda Marchildon was fired for being too fat


If they think she too fat, I sure as heck don't wanna see what they think is skinny.

The Sun repots former Next Top Model winner Ananda Marchildon poses in a pair of undies � after she was dropped by her agency for being too FAT.

Ananda, 25, was dismissed after gaining weight and refusing to become smaller than she was when she won the contest in Holland in 2008.

At the time she had been given a three-year contract with Elite.

But the agency dropped her in September, and Ananda has since become a carpenter.

But underwear firm Sloggi asked her to model its collection earlier this month.

Sloggi spokeswoman Monica van Alewijn said: "It's too crazy for words that a model her size would be written off as too fat.

"She's just a beautiful woman, and for heaven's sake she shouldn't starve herself."

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