Sabtu, 03 Maret 2012

Bill O�Reilly blasts Sandra Fluke (aka the slut) from Georgetown Law School who expects America to pay for her having sex

As Liberals are trying so hard to pass off Sandra Fluke as a paragon of virtue, most Americans see her for what she is. Just another Obot with her hands out expecting the government to pick up the tab for her bedroom activities. Whether or not Sandra Fluke is actually a slut is beside the point. Whatever she does when she�s not studying her law books, if she�s doing any studying at all with all the sex she�s having is supposed to be her business.

However, when she makes herself public and demands the taxpayer pick up the tab for her birth control, then me as an outrage citizen have every right to react in kind.
Bill O�Reilly has his say

Sandra Fluke can have all the sex she wants as long as she stays out my pocket. That�s the bottom line.

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