Senin, 05 Maret 2012

Daily Kos member complains that her 16 yr old daughter is being called a slut in school and it�s Rush Limbaugh�s fault. Well, at least they didn�t blame George Bush

Gimmie me a break will you please!

In a society that glories girls behaving badly like Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan, all of a sudden �slutty behavior� is an issue for this mother of this 16 year old? Let�s put all the blame on Rush and not the genuine culprits that attend parties without wearing their panties.
Daily Kos member Beantown Mom writes:

I can hardly type, can hardly put this into words! I have been writing and rewriting this because if I don't break down in tears, I get so angry that I can't think straight! I know that so much has already been written about this whole issue, but I am writing this diary from a very personal point of view; forgive me if I find no humor in any of this, excuse me if I take no part in celebrating the loss of sponsorship for that pig's radio program. You see, my 16 year old daughter came home from school on Friday in tears and has been in a state of utter despair since. She was told, in no uncertain terms, that she is a slut, a prostitute, a horny piece of trash that is out to sleep with every guy in school! The horrid little monsters who started harassing my daughter had the audacity to tell her their mothers were the ones who labeled her with these despicable opinions- they were just "telling it like it is, you know, like that guy on the radio! The one who isn't afraid to tell the truth!" Who does this?! How does Rush Limbaugh or anyone else have the right to do this, to say these things about anyone?

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There�s a saying that I think comes from the south. �If you throw a rock over a fence, it�s the hit dog that hollers.�

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