Minggu, 11 Maret 2012

If ya� gotta go, ya� gotta go: Dog halts in middle of Crufts agility course... for a bathroom break

It�s been a heavy day in the news. So, I wanted to lighten the mood for just a bit.

Daily Mail reports there were possibly better moments that this pooch could have picked - and places a little more private. Libby, a five-year-old cross-breed, was taking part in the agility course at Crufts dog show this weekend. Her performance was going well - as she raced along beside her owner, running through tunnels and jumping over fences.

However after around a minute on the course, the dog stopped just in front of some posts - for a bathroom break.

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When nature calls�  I'm sure the dog wanted to contribute his all to the event. 

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