Kamis, 01 Maret 2012

Is Obama now so unpopular even this hopelessly gaffe-prone Mormon moneybags could topple him?


Daily Mail reports after a wild rollercoaster ride for the past two months since voting began in Iowa, Republicans can now calm down and look at the man who is overwhelmingly likely to be the candidate charged with unseating President Barack Obama in November.

It was neither easy nor pretty but Mitt Romney's narrow three-point victory in his native state of Michigan, the place where he was born, grew up and where his father was governor in the Sixties, puts him firmly in command over his main challenger Rick Santorum.

Three weeks ago Santorum stunned Romney and the party elders who back him, scoring wins in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri, and then leaping to a 15-point poll lead in Michigan. Romney showed he had the determination, resilience and steely nerve to overcome a surging opponent at the moment it really mattered.

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What the media won�t admit is that Obama is very unpopular and he�s landslideable.

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