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The Last Tradition got Energy secy Steven Chu to walk back his love for high gases

Last week I wrote two posts pointing out that the media wasn�t reporting that high gas prices was exactly what the Obama administration wanted to wean Americans off oil according to Energy secretary Steven Chu. To my knowledge I was the only blogger hammering this point repeatedly and guess what?

Obama energy chief disavows 2008 remark in favor of raising gas prices

Energy Secretary Steven Chu on Tuesday disavowed his 2008 comments about increasing gas prices to European levels, remarks that Republicans have pounced on in recent weeks.

�I no longer share that view,� Chu said during a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing, adding that he wants to lower gas prices.

Chu, who just four years ago talked of boosting the price of gasoline to the levels of Europe, said higher gas prices could slow the economic recovery.

�Right now there is real hardship that Americans are suffering at the gasoline pump. We have gone through a terrible recession and a worldwide recovery, but the recovery is fragile and so, as I�ve said, another spike in gasoline prices could put that recovery in jeopardy,� he told reporters after the hearing.

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Don�t believe a word this man says. Obama and the Democrats want high gas prices. It�s part of their Green Energy strategy.

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