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Louis C.K. runs away from hosting Radio & Television Correspondence Dinner after Conservative firestorm

The backlash against the Left is really exploding after their feeble attempt to take out Rush Limbaugh this week from the air. They overplayed their feigned outrage after Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke �a slut�.

She may not be a slut, but she sure is a fornicator. I digress.

L.A. Times reports Louis C.K. has pulled out as host of the Radio and Television Correspondents' Assn. Dinner following conservative complaints about the comedian's past comments about Sarah Palin.

Multiple reports confirm C.K. is no longer scheduled to appear at the June 8 event. There has been no official reason given for his bowing out of the event, however.

The complaints began with Fox News' Greta Van Susteren, who has frequently interviewed Palin on her show. On her website Thursday, she wrote a blog post titled "I refuse to go to the Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner � no one should go."

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Here�s a sample of Louis C.K. comedy as presented by genuinely funny comedian Steven Crowder.

Check out also my friend William at Legal Insurrection for his take on these recent events. Power Line also breaks it down until it�s forever broke.

What Libs can�t seem to understand is that we�re supposed to have freedom of speech in the United States. Them trying to take out Rush left them extremely wide open for a counter complaint of numerous examples of horrible things said by Liberals about Conservatives hundreds to times worse than anything Rush ever uttered.

In addition, Libs trying to explain away Bill Maher and Louis C.K. as only comedians doesn�t wash. Comedy is 75% of Limbaugh�s show and he�s extremely amusing in pointing out the hypocrisy of Liberalism. Bill Maher does exactly the same thing on HBO but often has to sink into vulgarity for a cheap laugh. Let�s all let them speak and let the people judge them. I�m totally fine with that. But, Libs aren�t.

Is Louis C.K. Gay? Sorry, I�m just trying to start mess. I often tell my wife that I�m a comical genius but I don�t expose it for fear of killing people who die laughing. She doesn�t think I�m funny though.

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