Minggu, 11 Maret 2012

Maybe if the Afghans had apologized for the murder of U.S. servicemen, 16 fellow countrymen might still be alive today

I know what I�m writing will probably be quickly demised as unfair. Nonetheless, I feel it needs to be acknowledged given all the blood and treasure the United States has given to the people of Afghanistan.
I wouldn�t blame any U.S. soldier for thinking the Afghan military are a bunch of ungrateful sons of bitches. However, thinking and doing something about it are two different things.

President Obama was quick to offer up an apology to the Afghan people after some U.S. soldiers mistakenly burned some Korans. He said his apology helped calmed things down. But, just hours after his apology two American military personnel were murdered in a secure area by Afghan police. Was there an apology from Afghan President Hamid Karzai? No, he was probably too busy accepting another bribe.

So maybe all these inequities weighed on the mind of this one U.S. soldier and he or she snapped. I see a clear case for temporary insanity given all the pressure our military has to put up with. They�re supposed to fight a war with two hands tied behind their back. Now they can�t even feel safe in a safe zone without fearing some Afghan military going nuts on them.

All this falls on the plate of President Obama because Afghanistan was the war he wanted to fight all along. He said as much during the 2008 presidential campaign. Afghanistan was �the ball� we took our eyes off when we entered Iraq. Well, President Obama, this is your baby and your surge. Fix it!

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